Effective delivery of service-based outcomes to meet municipal strategic goals for municipal infrastructure can be realized through asset management plans. Because uncertainty exists with the potential impact of climate change effects on infrastructure performance, it is important to understand the current state of municipal readiness to address climate change effects, as well as the broader municipal needs, challenges and gaps (e.g. technical, financial, organizational factors). If municipalities do not consider the impacts of climate change in their infrastructure planning, they could experience a greater risk of damage to their infrastructure stock, and there could be significant costs and losses in the future. A preliminary assessment of climate change considerations within asset management plans for rural Ontario municipalities is explored in this study. Through directed questionnaires with asset managers from rural Ontario municipalities, the general readiness landscape was examined with respect to (1) the factors that are limiting or supporting the integration of climate change considerations in infrastructure planning and design in rural communities (e.g. funding, expertise, awareness, leadership, tool and resources)�, and (2) an understanding of how rural communities perceive the costs and benefits to their infrastructure associated with climate change impacts. The questionnaire explored four key elements of the asset management framework for rural municipalities including the state of local infrastructure (i.e. data), levels of service (i.e. metrics), asset management strategy (i.e. planned actions) and financing strategy (i.e. revenue, expenditures and debt management). The questionnaire also examined barriers that may limit the integration of climate change considerations within asset management plans for rural communities. Results of this study are presented.

2019 Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Annual Conference, CSCE 2019
Department of Psychology

Kenny, S, Dupre, K, & McEvoy, A. (Amanda). (2019). Asset management of rural Ontario core infrastructure � Drivers, barriers and climate change considerations. In Proceedings, Annual Conference - Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.