keV-scale gauge-singlet fermions, when allowed to mix with the active neutrinos, are elegant dark matter (DM) candidates. They are produced in the early Universe via the Dodelson-Widrow mechanism and can be detected as they decay very slowly, emitting x-rays. In the absence of new physics, this hypothesis is virtually ruled out by astrophysical observations. Here, we show that new interactions among the active neutrinos allow these sterile neutrinos to make up all the DM while safely evading all current experimental bounds. The existence of these new neutrino interactions may manifest itself in next-generation experiments, including DUNE.

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Journal Physical Review Letters
De Gouvêa, A. (André), Sen, M. (Manibrata), Tangarife, W. (Walter), & Zhang, Y. (2020). Dodelson-Widrow Mechanism in the Presence of Self-Interacting Neutrinos. Physical Review Letters, 124(8). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.124.081802