In recent years, grid-shaped cellular models have gained popularity in this sense. Cellular Automata (CA) have been widely used with these purposes. The Cell-DEVS formalism is an extension to CA that can be used to build discrete-event cell spaces, improving their definition by making the timing specification more expressive. Different delay functions to specify the timing behavior of each cell, allowing the modeler to represent the timing complex behavior in a simple fashion. CD++ is a modeling and simulation tool that implements DEVS and Cell-DEVS formalisms. Here, we show the use of these techniques through a formal specification, and a variety of application examples, including basic models using CA, and varied extensions including triangular and hexagonal topologies.
2019 Winter Simulation Conference, WSC 2019
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Wainer, G.A. (2019). An Introduction to Cellular Automata Models with Cell-DEVS. In Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference (pp. 1534–1548). doi:10.1109/WSC40007.2019.9004763