Very few studies have focused on the role pornography plays in influencing and modelling sexual desire on the basis of race and ethnicity. Using sexual script theory as an analytic tool, the purpose of this empirical study was to explore indicators of the racialisation of desire based on a sample of gay male pornography users in Québec (Canada) (n = 974). Because gay male pornography use is widespread, and because it is not simply used for the purposes of education and validation but also influences sexual norms and cultural scripts in a social context where sexual racism seems prevalent, this study offers a new perspective on a timely phenomenon. Based on our findings, the final nested linear regression model demonstrates that higher levels of racialised desire attributed to gay male pornography use were associated with the following: being at least 55 years old; having a yearly income of less than $45,000 CAD; using interracial gay male pornography; not primarily using gender-diverse gay male pornographic content (heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual); having higher levels of perceived pressure to conform; having a higher preference for bareback pornography; and having higher levels of acquired sexual knowledge.

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Culture, Health and Sexuality
Department of English Language and Literature

Corneau, S. (Simon), Dominic, B.-P. (Beaulieu-Prévost), Murray, S.J, Bernatchez, K. (Kim), & Lecompte, M. (Maude). (2020). Gay male pornography and the racialisation of desire. Culture, Health and Sexuality. doi:10.1080/13691058.2020.1717630