The design, fabrication and characterization of an optical modulator in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology with a low thermal signature were described. Based upon a rib waveguide, the modulator was fabricated with a transverse p-i-n diode to produce a refractive index change through plasma dispersion effect. The modulator operated in the λ = 1.5 μm telecommunication band. A modulation depth of 7.3 dB and response times of 430 ns were exhibited by the modulator.
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A
Carleton University

Waldron, P.D., Jessop, P.E., Yuen, A.P., Winchiu, L., Chyurlia, P., Tarr, N.G, … Janz, S. (2004). Optical modulator in silicon-on-insulator with a low thermal signature. In Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A (Vol. 22, pp. 800–802). doi:10.1116/1.1647586