The considerable increase of multimedia services, such as video-on-demand (VoD) services, is a significant contributor to the total Internet traffic. Software-defined networking (SDN) and information-centric networking (ICN) are two promising technologies that can be combined to facilitate video delivery and to reduce network delays. In this paper, we first formulate the caching decision problem as a 0-1 integer linear programming (ILP) problem. Second, in contrast to existing approaches that solve the formulated ILP problem by assuming all future video requests are known, we consider the impact of the time scale, which transforms the static 0-1 ILP problem into a dynamic problem. By solving the dynamic 0-1 ILP problem, we find more accurate optimal solutions compared to existing approaches. Third, since the formulated 0-1 dynamic ILP problem is NP-hard, we leverage the in-network caching of ICN and the global view of the SDN controller to propose a novel SDN-based caching decision policy. Finally, extensive evaluations are performed, and the results demonstrate that the proposed SDN-based caching decision policy provides solutions that are close to the optimum in substantially less computation time. The SDN-based caching decision policy also outperforms existing practical ICN caching decision policies in terms of the cache hit ratio and the average number of hops, which are directly related to the video delivery latency. Moreover, the SDN-based caching decision policy can substantially reduce the number of generated and broadcasted interest packets, which is a shortcoming of the current ICN.

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IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Zhang, Z. (Zhe), Lung, C.H, St-Hilaire, M, & Lambadaris, I. (2020). An SDN-Based Caching Decision Policy for Video Caching in Information-Centric Networking. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 22(4), 1069–1083. doi:10.1109/TMM.2019.2935683