Background and Objective: In the virtual surgery simulation system, the reconstruction of a highly precise soft tissue 3D model is an effective method to improve the user's visual telepresence. However, the traditional point cloud generation method based on subdivision and filling is unsatisfactory due to its low accuracy and slow speed. Methods: To address this problem, we present a novel 3D point cloud reconstructing model based on Morphing. The 3D surface model of soft tissue (live) is obtained from a series of 2D CT images using Mimics. The 3D voxel model of soft tissue is reconstructed through a sequential change of the 3D surface model by utilizing Morphing. A nonlinear interpolation method is used to fit the irregular shape of the model and improve simulation accuracy. Results: The point cloud model builds from discrete points, avoiding the problems of instability and computational complexity, which are inherent in both the surface and volume models for soft tissue. Compared with the volumetric subdividing and voxel filling method, the simulation results show that the 3D cloud model reconstructed based on Morphing is more fast, accurate and consistent with the real soft tissue. Conclusions: The simulating experiment of soft tissue deformation using 3D point cloud model which reconstructed using moprhing proved our method is effective and correct.

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Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Cheng, Q. (Qiangqiang), Sun, P. (Pengyu), Yang, C. (Chunsheng), Yang, Y. (Yubin), & Liu, P. (2020). A morphing-Based 3D point cloud reconstruction framework for medical image processing. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 193. doi:10.1016/j.cmpb.2020.105495