The highlights of 'ARISE/NISR Workshop on Exchange and Integration of Data' held at the IBM Center for Advanced Studies, Toronto Lab, between October 7-9, 2004 are discussed. Research around the management, mapping, and intregration of database schemata is relevant to both data exchange and integration. The goal of data integration is to provide a uniform interface for querying a collection of disparate and heterogeneous data sources. Database research has developed different approaches to deal with inconsistency in a flexible manner.
Carleton University

Bertossi, L, Chomicki, J. (Jan), Godfrey, P. (Parke), Kolaitis, P.G. (Phokion G.), Thomo, A. (Alex), & Zuzarte, C. (Calisto). (2005). Exchange, integration, and consistency of data. Report on the ARISE/NISR workshop. SIGMOD Record, 34(3), 87–90. doi:10.1145/1084805.1084825