High quality broadband passives are needed to implement monolithic microwave circuits in silicon. This paper reports the fabrication and electrical characterization of microwave passives in silver. Silver is chosen because this metal offers the highest possible electrical conductivity at room temperature. Silver is deposited by a PVD process because this technique meets the requirements of high purity and surface quality. Electromigration, electrochemical migration and agglomeration are not expected to be a problem in silver microwave passives due to the coarse dimensions and low operating current densities encountered in these structures. Ag and Cu coplanar waveguides were designed, fabricated and tested. Silver waveguides showed a 2-3 dB/cm improvement in attenuation over copper devices at 40 GHz.

205th ECS Meeting
Department of Electronics

Levenets, V.V., Amaya, R, Tarr, N.G, & Smy, T. (2004). PVD silver as a material of choice for microwave passives in silicon technology. Presented at the 205th ECS Meeting.