The EGSnrc Monte Carlo user-code CSnrc is used to calculate wall correction factors, Pwall, for thimble ionization chambers in photon and electron beams. CSnrc calculated values of Pwall give closer agreement with previous experimental results than do the values from the standard formalism used in current dosimetry protocols. A set of P wall values, computed at the reference depth in water, is presented for several commonly used thimble chambers. These values differ from the commonly used values by up to 0.8% for megavoltage photon beams, particularly for nominal beam energies below 6 MV. The sleeve effect, which is not currently taken into account by the TG-51 dosimetry protocol, is computed to be up to 0.3% and is in some cases larger than the Pwall correction itself. In electron beams, where dosimetry protocols assume a wall correction of unity, CSnrc calculations show Pwall values of up to 0.6% at the reference depth, depending on the wall material. Pwall is shown to be sensitive to the depth of measurement, varying by 2.5% for a graphite-walled cylindrical Farmer-like chamber between a depth of 0.5 cm and R50 in a 6 MeV electron beam.
Medical Physics
Department of Physics

Buckley, L.A. (Lesley A.), & Rogers, D.W.O. (2006). Wall correction factors, Pwall, for thimble ionization chambers. Medical Physics, 33(2), 455–464. doi:10.1118/1.2161403