Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe a qualitative action research study into the collective experiences of establishing a mentoring culture within a research triad consisting of a university professor together with a doctoral student and a master's level student who served as research assistants (RAs). This paper documents a process of ongoing reflection, which was used to gain insight about the personal selves, the professional selves, the role of being a RA, and concepts, ideas, and frameworks that might be useful in fulfilling the work inside and outside of the collaborative research project. Design/methodology/approach – A Faculty of Education within a Canadian university provided the context for the study. A large-scale, pan-Canadian document analysis research project served as the context for mentorship activities. The Adaptive Mentorship

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Keywords Adaptive Mentorship©, Collaborative learning, Mentoring, Personal growth, Professional development, Research assistantship
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1108/IJMCE-09-2013-0054
Journal International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education
Godden, L, Tregunna, L. (Leigha), & Kutsyuruba, B. (Benjamin). (2014). Collaborative application of the Adaptive Mentorship© model: The professional and personal growth within a research triad. International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education, 3(2), 125–140. doi:10.1108/IJMCE-09-2013-0054