The achievements and contribution of Gerhard Ertl on mapping of chemical landscapes has been discussed. A carrier mapping of chemicals behavior on microscopic landscapes has given him the opportunity to win Nobel Prize in Chemistry in the year 2007. Erlt is presently holding the position of professor emeritus at the Fritz Haber Max Planck Institute in Berlin and spending his time in the study of fundamental molecular process at the gas-solid interface. He has got a professorship at the university of Hannover in the year 1968. The Nobel committee has put focused on Erlt contributions to uncovering the mechanism of oscillating catalytic reactions. Ertl discloses the fact that at the beginning of the 1980, there had been tantalizing reports that reaction rates for the oxidation of carbon monoxide on platinum catalyst are not constant but instead oscillate, however he proved it wrong and set out to connect the oscillation with the physical characteristics of the catalyst.