Philippes University, Germany, celebrates the 400th anniversary of the earliest chemistry professorship. The man who wrote the regulations was Johannes Hartmann, who got the first chemistry post in 1609. The route toward the first academic chemistry post started when Hartmann won a scholarship to study mathematics and then was hired by von Hessen to be a mathematician and astronomer in his court. Not only was he exposed to the medicinal chemistry notions of Paracelsus, but von Hessen also helped Hartmann get a professorship in mathematics. In the new lab, Hartmann and his colleagues developed special cures for diseases of the ears, nose, and mouth and so-called expelling remedies such as laxatives, emetics (which induce vomiting), diuretics, and diaphoretics. Hartmann and his colleagues also tried extracting substances from plants with water and oils, using ovens for distillation and sublimation and other instruments such as bulbs.