European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has taken several initiatives to prevent the use of chemicals in the packaging of the eatables that can migrate into food or drug formulations and can be hazardous. The rubber leachables come from chemicals used in or produced during processing, such as N-nitrosamines or 2-mercaptobenzothiazole that can be carcinogenic. It is showed that the packaging materials that include the waxy wrapping leaches polyfluoroalkyl phosphoric acids (PAP), which are then absorbed by humans and accumulate in the body. The packaging sterilization such as gamma radiation, steam, or ethylene oxide treatments can also introduce leachables such as gamma radiation when treated with carbon-chlorine bonds found in PVC plastics and some additives leads to the formation of products that can percolate into food and drugs. The Code of Federal Regulations in the US lists ingredients, which are used to make packaging that contacts food with the limits of the additive allowed in the packaging.