Helmut Schwarz, a physical chemist at Berlin's Technical University, took on the presidency of the Humboldt Foundation in January 2008, which each year provides grants to 600 international scholars. The foundation funds international academics, from postdocs and assistant professors to the Nobel Laureates. The foundation not only funds the scientists's research projects, but also helps in settling his family. It provides German language classes, medical advice and logistical help for the awardee's family. The Humboldt Foundation maintains contact with 20,000 former Humboldtians from 125 countries. Schwarz will oversee a near doubling of the foundation's budgets, from 60 millions to 100 million euros. During his presidency, he plans to look into the possibility of raising money so that the foundation can become independent of government funding, which comes from the Ministries of Research, Science and Technology, Foreign Affairs, and Economic Cooperation & Development.