The Board of Governors approved the revised Carleton Sexual Violence Policy for a three-year period on April 25, 2019 after an extensive consultation and review with the Carleton community. The Policy and related legislation requires that an annual report be presented to the Board for information. More than 5,200 members of the community received training in 2019 to increase awareness of the signs and prevention techniques to limit and deal with reports of sexual violence and violence in general. This is in addition to the multiple initiatives that have been developed and delivered across campus with various stakeholders on areas of prevention, advocacy and support. Since January 2019, the third year of the implementation of the Sexual Violence Policy, there have been 130 disclosures seeking support services. Of the 130 disclosures, 6 cases proceeded to a formal investigation process as requested by the respective complainants. Of the 130 total disclosures, 75 are based on incidents that occurred within a year of the disclosure and 55 are considered to be based on historical incidents.Finally, Carleton University has also engaged the Carleton community in creating a campus sexual violence prevention and education strategy entitled, “Honouring Each Other,” which provides a three-year blueprint that focuses on prevention and education initiatives.This strategy will be presented to the Board of Governors for information at its March 12, 2020 meeting.