When Pier Giorgio Di Cicco first appeared on the Canadian literary scene in the early 1980s, he was immediately recognized as one of the most compelling voices of his generation. The Last Effort of Dreams is the first critical collection on Pier Giorgio Di Cicco and traces the steps of his career from different perspectives. The contributors, fellow poets and academics alike, ponder Di Cicco's poetry in diverse ways: Through reminiscence, by taking stock, and by focusing on individual texts and specific themes. What emerges is an intriguing composite picture of Di Cicco's complex and unique identikit. The volume includes both scholarly analysis and testimonials by individuals who lived the literary history of which Di Cicco is a part. The inclusion of a bibliography of Di Cicco's publications and of those about him makes this book a valuable tool for anyone approaching his works for the first time and anyone interested in contemporary North American minority literatures or contemporary Canadian literature.

Carleton University

Loriggio, F.G. (2007). The last effort of dreams: Essays on the poetry of Pier Giorgio Di Cicco. The Last Effort of Dreams: Essays on the poetry of Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, 1–207.