This special issue is composed of PhD student term papers that were developed into journal articles. The papers cover a wide spectrum of topics in the domain of organizational theory and modern organizations. Building, expanding and revising theories involves many academics and practitioners testing, retest and comparing theory to experience. As emerging scholars with new perspectives these authors are inclined to challenge existing theories and ways of knowing. This introduction details the content of these papers and explains how the newly formed ideas bare relevance in our changing world. The papers that constitute this issue attests to the expertise and inquisitive nature of new scholars in the field of organizational theory. While the papers were written and revised before the COVID-19 pandemic each paper has relevance in the world today.
Transnational Corporations Review
Sprott School of Business

McKay, R, & Irwin, B. (Bill). (2020). Introduction to a special issue on breaking the disciplinary matrix: the ever-changing view of organizational theory. Transnational Corporations Review, 12(2), 89–93. doi:10.1080/19186444.2020.1771817