Secret neutrino interactions can play an essential role in the origin of dark matter. We present an anatomy of production mechanisms for sterile neutrino dark matter, a keV-scale gauge-singlet fermion that mixes with active neutrinos, in the presence of a new vector boson mediating secret interactions among active neutrinos. We identify three regimes of the vector boson's mass and coupling where it makes a distinct impact on dark matter production through the dispersion relations and/or scattering rates. We also analyze models with gauged Lμ-Lτ and B-L numbers which have a similar dark matter cosmology but different vector boson phenomenology. We derive the parameter space in these models where the observed relic abundance is produced for sterile neutrino dark matter. They serve as a well-motivated target for the upcoming experimental searches.
Physical Review D
Department of Physics

Kelly, K.J. (Kevin J.), Sen, M. (Manibrata), Tangarife, W. (Walter), & Zhang, Y. (2020). Origin of sterile neutrino dark matter via secret neutrino interactions with vector bosons. Physical Review D, 101(11). doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.101.115031