In their critique of our recent article in Oecologia (Pigeon et al. Oecologia 181:1101–1116, 2016a) investigating the influence of ambient temperature on brown bear habitat selection, Ordiz et al. (2017, current issue) argue that we downplay the role of human disturbance on bear behavior, and that we wrongly report on the findings of Ordiz et al. (Oecologia 166:59–67, 2011). We argue that our previous article in Oecologia (Pigeon et al. 2016a) by no means downplays the influence of human factors on bear behavior, and that we correctly stated that Ordiz et al. (2011) did not adequately consider the potential influence of temperature on their findings. Finally, we stress the relevance of considering all-inclusive approaches to the common goal of successful wildlife conservation.

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Department of Biology

Pigeon, K.E, Cardinal, E. (Etienne), Stenhouse, G.B. (Gordon B.), & Côté, S.D. (Steeve D.). (2017). Recognizing the importance of an all-inclusive approach to brown bear conservation now and into the future. Oecologia, 185(3), 347–350. doi:10.1007/s00442-017-3950-0