A multi-tank, water-based, thermal storage system was assembled in a laboratory setting, and charge and discharge tests were conducted for both series and parallel interconnections. During testing both thermal charge rates and temperature profiles were recorded and the level of stratification observed. Individual storage tanks in the multi-tank system were charged through separate, natural convection, side-arm heat exchangers fitted to each tank. Result show that, for the conditions evaluated, high levels of temperature stratification were obtained in both the series and parallel connected configurations. In addition, charge rates for the parallel configuration were higher than with the series configuration, however, overcoming flow-imbalances in the parallel system proved to be a major challenge.

ASME International Solar Energy Conference - Solar Engineering 2006
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Cruickshank, C, & Harrison, S. (Stephen). (2006). Experimental analysis of stratified multi-tank thermal storage configurations for solar heating systems. In International Solar Energy Conference.