Mafic dykes and dyke swarms in continental settings provide information on the evolution of the subcontinental mantle and can be key elements in the reconstruction of paleo-geographic settings of now separated crustal terranes. This study focuses on the petrogenesis and geochronology of mafic dykes of the WNW (~125°) trending Bhanupratappur swarm in the central Bastar Craton, central India. Dykes of the Bhanupratappur swarm yield an average U-Pb (ID-TIMS) baddeleyite age of 2360 ± 4 Ma, which is interpreted as their emplacement age. The compositions of the dykes range from tholeiitic basalt to basaltic-andesite. Their rare earth element and multi-element patterns indicate the involvement of a crustal component in their petrogenesis. The whole rock initial 87Sr/86Sr2360 Ma ranges from 0.70097 to 0.70506 with most being more radiogenic than the contemporaneous undifferentiated mantle reservoir (i.e. 87Sr/86Sr2360 Ma = 0.70173). The initial εNd 2360 Ma (+0.85 to −2.7) are chondritic to sub-chondritic. The Sr-Nd Isotope composition and major- and trace element chemistry suggest an enriched-heterogeneous mantle source. The closely matching ages and chemistry of the Bhanupratappur swarm (2360 Ma) and the Karimnagar-Bangalore swarms (2363–2369 Ma) of the Dharwar Craton indicate affinities to a common Large Igneous Province, which further implies that the Bastar and Dharwar cratons were already juxtaposed at 2.37–2.36 Ga. The dykes of the Bhanupratappur (WNW-trending) and Bangalore (E-W trending) swarms converge towards the east indicating a plume center in the east. If the Karimnagar swarm was also linked (and was converging) to the same plume, the present-day mismatch in the orientations of the Karimnagar dykes (NE- to ENE-trending) with the Bangalore and Bhanupratappur dykes may indicate a ~55° counterclockwise rotation of the northern block of the Eastern Dharwar Craton with respect to the southern block after 2.37–2.36 Ga.

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Precambrian Research
Department of Earth Sciences

Pandey, O.P. (Om Prakash), Mezger, K. (Klaus), Söderlund, U. (Ulf), Upadhyay, D. (Dewashish), Srivastava, R.K. (Rajesh K.), Gautam, G.C. (Gulab C.), & Ernst, R.E. (2020). Geochronology, whole-rock geochemistry and Sr-Nd isotopes of the Bhanupratappur mafic dyke swarm: Evidence for a common Paleoproterozoic LIP event at 2.37–2.36 Ga in the Bastar and Dharwar cratons. Precambrian Research, 347. doi:10.1016/j.precamres.2020.105853