Standard single-mode telecommunication optical fibers coated with 20 to 50 nm of gold can support plasmonic resonances at near infrared wavelengths from 1520 to 1570 nm. We use a weakly tilted fiber Bragg grating to excite these narrowband resonances and measure their response to surface biochemical reactions. Our experimental results for DNA and protein molecular binding kinetics will be presented.
Frontiers in Optics, FiO 2009
Department of Electronics

Albert, J, DeRosa, M.C, Ianoul, A.I, Shevchenko, Y. (Y.), Beliaev, A. (A.), Blair, D.A.D. (D. A.D.), & Ahamad, N. (N.). (2009). Plasmonics on optical fibers: New tools for biochemical sensing. In Optics InfoBase Conference Papers. doi:10.1364/fio.2009.fwt1