We study effects of beyond the Standard Model physics coupling third generation quarks to leptons of the first two generations. We parametrize these effects by dimension-six effective operators, and we also consider related simplified UV completions: scalar leptoquark and Wt models. We derive new constraints on these scenarios by using recent ATLAS measurements of differential cross sections of single top production in association with a W boson, and also show how these limits will evolve with future data. We also describe how the limits can be significantly improved by using ratios of differential distributions with different flavours of leptons.

The Journal of High Energy Physics
Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Physics

Stolarski, D.J, & Tonero, A. (Alberto). (2020). Constraining new physics with single top production at LHC. The Journal of High Energy Physics, 2020(8). doi:10.1007/JHEP08(2020)036