We identify the differential cross sections for tt production and the total cross section for Higgs production through gluon fusion as the processes in which the two effective operators describing the leading nonstandard interactions of the top quark with the gluon can be disentangled and studied in an independent fashion. Current data on the Higgs production and the dσ/dpTt differential cross section provide limits comparable to, but not more stringent than, those from the total tt cross sections measurements at the LHC and Tevatron, where however the two operators enter on the same footing and can only be constrained together. We conclude by stating the (modest) reduction in the uncertainties necessary to provide more stringent limits by means of the Higgs production and tt differential cross section observables at the LHC with the future luminosity of 300 and 3000 fb-1.

Physical Review D
Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Physics

Barducci, D. (D.), Fabbrichesi, M. (M.), & Tonero, A. (2017). Constraints on top quark nonstandard interactions from Higgs boson and tt¯ production cross sections. Physical Review D, 96(7). doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.96.075022