We review and update current limits on possible anomalous couplings of the top quark to W gauge bosons. We consider data from top quark decay (as encoded in the W-boson helicity fractions) and single-top production (in the t-, s- and Wt-channels). We find improved limits with respect to previous results (in most cases of almost one order of magnitude) and extend the analysis to include four-quark operators. We find that new physics is constrained to live above an energy scale between 430 GeV and 3.2 TeV, depending on the form of its contribution.

Anomalous couplings, BSM physics, LHC, Top quark
Nuclear and Particle Physics Proceedings
Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Physics

Tonero, A, Fabbrichesi, M. (Marco), & Pinamonti, M. (Michele). (2015). Limits on anomalous top quark gauge couplings from Tevatron and LHC data. In Nuclear and Particle Physics Proceedings (Vol. 267–269, pp. 312–318). doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2015.10.124