To provide universal accessibility, public community spaces such as museums must be designed considering the experience of all patrons, including visitors living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To develop a better understanding of the experience of visitors with autism at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, we invited four school children and one adult male for a visit, all of whom identified as being on the spectrum. They were joined by their support persons. We interviewed the adult, his caregiver and the teaching staff accompanying the school children. We analyzed our interviews and observation notes using thematic analysis to formulate key findings and suggestions to enhance the experience for autistic people. They include adding elements at a variety of developmental levels, offering options to reduce sensory stimulation, improving navigational resources and providing more resources for support persons.

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2020 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI EA 2020
School of Industrial Design

Hoskin, E. (Elizabeth), Singh, A. (Aditi), Oddy, N. (Nicola), Schneider, A.L.J. (Adrian L. Jessup), Trepanier, G. (Gabrielle), Trudel, C, & Girouard, A. (2020). Assessing the experience of people with autism at the canada science and technology museum. In Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings. doi:10.1145/3334480.3382834