Corrections have been made throughout the article to clarify how daily smoking during the 12- through 16-year assessments was defined in the original report. In this corrigendum, daily smoking during these assessments was defined by participant's responding either (a) once a day or more in response to In the past year, how often did you smoke cigarettes? or (b) responding yes to Are you currently a daily smoker? The authors repeated their analyses and this updated definition of daily smoking did not change findings in terms of statistical significance for Aims 1, 2, or 3 with one exception. In Aim 2, the initiation age (linear) by childhood ADHD status interaction was significant in this correction (p=.025), indicating that progression to daily smoking was faster for LNCG participants who initiated smoking at an older age than ADHD participants. For instance, mean latency was 5.61 years (SD=3.28) for ADHD participants and 5.29 (SD=3.22) for LNCG participants who initiated at 17 year-old or younger, but 2.14 (SD=2.26) for ADHD participants and 1.20 (SD=1.23) for LNCG participants who initiated at 18 years-old and older. This re-analysis did not impact the main findings from this study. This corrigendum includes updated values in the main article and supplemental material based on how we operationalize daily smoking status between 12- through 16-year assessments. The authors also clarify that for the 2- through 10-year assessments, participants were coded as daily smokers if they smoked at least one cigarette per day in response to During the past month, how many cigarettes have you smoked on an average day? The authors also clarify in this correction that weekly smoking in Aim 1 analysis was defined as those who responded once a week or more in response to In the past year, how often did you smoke cigarettes? These two clarifications did not require any re-analysis.
Nicotine and Tobacco Research
Department of Psychology

Mitchell, J.T. (John T.), Howard, A.L, Belendiuk, K.A. (Katherine A.), Kennedy, T.M. (Traci M.), Stehli, A. (Annamarie), Swanson, J.M. (James M.), … Molina, B.S.G. (Brooke S.G.). (2019). Corrigendum: Cigarette smoking progression among young adults diagnosed with ADHD in Childhood: A 16-year longitudinal study of children with and without ADHD (Nicotine and Tobacco Research (2018) DOI: 10.1093/ntr/nty045). Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 21(10). doi:10.1093/ntr/nty260