This paper proposes a new analytical technique for the performance analysis of all optical networks which use the first-fit algorithm for wavelength assignment. We analyze the wavelength usage on the links to calculate the blocking probability of a source destination pair, taking into account wavelength correlation and load correlation between links. Our model is accurate even in a system with large number of wavelengths.

Copper, Drives, Intelligent networks, Optical fiber networks, Optical fibers, Performance analysis, Sun, Wavelength assignment, Wavelength division multiplexing, Wavelength routing
7th International Conference on Telecommunications, ConTEL 2003
School of Mathematics and Statistics

Sun, X. (Xuehong), Li, Y. (Yunhao), Lambadaris, I, & Zhao, Y. (2003). Performance analysis of first-fit wavelength assignment algorithm in optical networks. Presented at the 7th International Conference on Telecommunications, ConTEL 2003. doi:10.1109/CONTEL.2003.176940