The aim of this study is to propose a self-sensing control of internal permanent-magnet synchronous machines (IPMSMs) based on new high order sliding mode approaches. The high order sliding mode control will be combined with the backstepping strategy to achieve global or semi global attraction and ensure finite time convergence. The proposed control strategy should be able to reject the unmatched perturbations and reject the external perturbation. On the other hand, the super-twisting algorithm will be combined with the interconnected observer methodology to propose the multi-input–multi-output observer. This observer will be used to estimate the rotor position, the rotor speed and the stator resistance. The proposed controller and observer ensure the finite-time convergence to the desired reference and measured state, respectively. The obtained results confirm the effectiveness of the suggested method in the presence of parametric uncertainties and unmeasured load torque at various speed ranges.

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Department of Electronics

Kafi, M.R. (Mohamed R.), Hamida, M.A. (Mohamed A.), Chaoui, H, & Belkacemi, R. (Rabie). (2020). Sliding mode self-sensing control of synchronous machine using super twisting interconnected observers. Energies, 13(6). doi:10.3390/en13164199