The formation of elastic domains in transforming constrained films is a mechanisms of relaxation of internal stresses caused by the misfi between a film and substrate. The formation and evolution of polydomain microstructure as a result of the cubic-tetragonal transformation in a constrained layer are investigated by phase-field simulation. It has been shown that the three-domain hierarchical structure can be formed in the epitaxial films. With changing a fraction of out-of-plane domain there are two types of morphological transitions: from the three-domain structure to the two-domain one and from the hierarchical three-domain structure to the cellular three-domain structure. The results of the phase-field simulation are compared with available experimental data.
International Conference on Martensitic Transformations
Carleton University

Slutsker, J. (J.), Artemev, A, & Roytburd, A.L. (A. L.). (2003). Modeling of martensitic transformation in adaptive composites. In Journal De Physique. IV : JP (pp. 115–118). doi:10.1051/jp4:2003846