The results of phase-field simulation of domain structures (DSs) in ferroelectric nanorods of different shapes and sizes are presented. It is shown that equilibrium DSs consist of an electrostatically compatible circuit of 180° and 90° domains. A DS in a thin rod contains 90° cubic elastic domains. The trend to minimize the residual stress and the stray field results in the formation of crater-shaped sets of closed circuits of 90° domains, which can be mechanically incompatible but able to maintain electrostatic compatibility during the evolution under an applied electric field.

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Journal Physical Review Letters
Slutsker, J. (Julia), Artemev, A, & Roytburd, A. (Alexander). (2008). Phase-field modeling of domain structure of confined nanoferroelectrics. Physical Review Letters, 100(8). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.100.087602