The domain structure and dielectric properties in multilayered compositionally graded Ba xSr 1-xTiO 3 films on SrTiO 3 substrates are studied using phase field modeling with a uniaxial ferroelectric model of an 180° domain film. The films with a strong composition gradient produce stable polydomain states with labyrinth and columnar morphologies. At zero applied field, the labyrinth structure has zero equilibrium polarization and the columnar domain structure has significant average polarization. Both structures can be obtained in the same film depending on the domain formation history. The simulation results demonstrate that graded films with the stable polydomain state stable produce a very large tunability. Copyright

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Integrated Ferroelectrics
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Artemev, A, & Roytburd, A.L. (A. L.). (2009). Domain structures and high tunability in compositionally graded ferroelectric films. In Integrated Ferroelectrics (Vol. 111, pp. 3–16). doi:10.1080/10584580903586612