The phase field model was used to simulate the domain structure and polarization versus applied field hysteresis curves of a composite layer consisting of a ferroelectric matrix and spherical dielectric inclusions. Simulation results demonstrate that the introduction of dielectric inclusions into the ferroelectric matrix can lead to the stabilization of the polydomain structure in a wide range of applied fields. As a result a significant increase in susceptibility can be obtained due to the composite structure formation, which causes the addition of an extrinsic contribution into susceptibility. The composite structure can produce a number of different partially switched (partially poled) states with different values of the remnant polarization that are stable in wide ranges of the applied field producing a close to linear dielectric response with high susceptibility.
Journal of Applied Physics
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Geddes, B. (B.), & Artemev, A. (2009). Domain structure and dielectric properties in nanocomposite ferroelectric thin layers with spherical dielectric inclusions. Journal of Applied Physics, 105(9). doi:10.1063/1.3121211