This report examines the development of the media economy over the past thirty-five years. Since beginning this project a decade ago, we have focused on analyzing a comprehensive as possible selection of the biggest telecoms, Internet and media industries (based on revenue) in Canada, including: mobile wireless and wireline telecoms; Internet access; cable, satellite & IPTV; broadcast television, specialty and pay television services as well as Internet-based video subscription and download services; radio; newspapers; magazines; music; Internet advertising; social media; operating systems; browsers, etc.

Canadian Media Concentration Research Project (CMCRP), Carleton University
Digital Media and Internet Industries in Canada

Part of a series from the CMCRP - visit the CMCRP website for project details and background.

Communication & Media Studies

Winseck, D. (2020, November 16). Growth and Upheaval in the Network Media Economy in Canada, 1984-2019. Digital Media and Internet Industries in Canada. Canadian Cancer Society. doi:10.22215/cmcrp/2020.1