Persuasive technologies are increasingly ubiquitous, but the strategies they utilise largely originate in America. Consumer behaviour research shows us that certain persuasion strategies will be more effective on some cultures than others. We claim that the existing strategies will be less effective on non-American audiences than they are on American audiences, and we use information from interviews to show that there exists much scope to develop persuasive technologies from a collectivism-focused perspective. To illustrate the development of such a tool, we describe the design of a collectivism-focused financial planning tool.
School of Computer Science

Khaled, R. (Rilla), Barr, P. (Pippin), Noble, J. (James), Fischer, R. (Ronald), & Biddle, R. (2006). Our place or mine? Exploration into collectivism-focused persuasive technology design. doi:10.1007/11755494_11