This comprehensive research study examined how schools of social work in Canada have responded to disability issues. The study focused upon specific policies and practices of the Canadian schools of social work which have been developed to create a more inclusive environment, for students, staff, and faculty members with disabilities and to prepare students for practice in dealing with individuals who are disabled. A ten page survey consisting of closed and opened-ended questions was sent to the deans and directors of the thirty-five schools of social work in Canada. This study found that although there have been significant changes in these schools over the last ten years, there are many barriers to disability inclusion from recruitment and admissions; accommodations; retention, graduation, and employment; curriculum; hiring faculty and staff with disabilities; and university relations/resources. It concludes with recommendations for schools of social work.

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Keywords Critical disability studies, Disability inclusion, Disability rights, Social work education
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Journal Journal of Social Work in Disability and Rehabilitation
Dunn, P.A. (Peter A.), Hanes, R, Hardie, S. (Susan), & MacDonald, J. (Judy). (2006). Creating disability inclusion within Canadian schools of social work. Journal of Social Work in Disability and Rehabilitation, 5(1), 1–19. doi:10.1300/J198v05n01_01