A simple method is described that permits the spectral response (spectral width, shape, and center resonant wavelength) of an optical waveguide Bragg grating to be controlled accurately in a prescribed manner. The control methodology consists of bonding the Bragg grating along the length of a mechanical support structure, which is then loaded with an appropriate force distribution. The function of the support structure is to transfer the strain induced by loading to the grating, thus modifying the grating’s spectral response in accordance with the variation in effective optical pitch induced by the strain transfer. We design and demonstrate a support structure that provides independent control over the spectral width and center wavelength of a Bragg grating.

Optics Letters
Department of Electronics

Albert, J, Hill, K.O., Malo, B., Bilodeau, F., Thériault, S. (S.), & Johnson, D.C. (1995). Variable-spectral-response optical waveguide Bragg grating filters for optical signal processing. Optics Letters, 20(12), 1438–1440. doi:10.1364/OL.20.001438