David Adger raises some interesting issues and makes several valuable points in his 'Remarks on Minimalist feature theory and Move' (henceforth MFTM), a response to our review article 'Symptomatic imperfections' (henceforth SI) in this journal (Asudeh & Toivonen 2006), which was in part a review of his Core syntax (Adger 2003). In this response, we address some of the points in MFTM. We would also like to set the record straight about some points in SI which we feel have been misrepresented. In several instances, MFTM argues against claims that were not made in SI. Whatever the independent merit of these arguments, we do not wish to defend viewpoints we did not propose in the first place.

Journal of Linguistics
Carleton University

Asudeh, A, & Toivonen, I. (2006). Response to David Adger's 'Remarks on Minimalist feature theory and Move'. Journal of Linguistics (Vol. 42, pp. 675–686). doi:10.1017/S0022226706004233