The rapid introduction of new web services into a dynamic business environment can lead to undesirable interactions that negatively affect service quality and user satisfaction. In previous work, we have demonstrated how such interactions between web services can be modeled as feature interactions. In this paper, we outline a classification of web service feature interactions. The goals of this classification are to understand the scope of the feature interaction problem in the web services domain, and to propose a benchmark against which to assess the coverage of solutions to this problem. As there is no standard set of web services that one could use as examples, we illustrate the interactions using a fictitious e-commerce scenario.

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Computer Networks
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Weiss, M, Esfandiari, B, & Luo, Y. (2007). Towards a classification of web service feature interactions. Computer Networks, 51(2), 359–381. doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2006.08.003