This paper describes an internet-based distributed data-acquisition system for fiber-optic pressure sensors. There is a great need in industry to coordinate remote resources to perform a common task. The architecture described is based on remote access, via the internet, to a large number of fiber-optic pressure sensors located in different geographical areas. Distribution is done with server applications, which schedule requests for service and control the actual sensor device. Servers also detect conflicts between new requests and their current schedules. Client applications act as virtual instrument panels that dispatch measurement tasks for servers. The architecture supports multiple sensors, which can be added/removed from the system dynamically. As well, there can be multiple clients attempting to access servers simultaneously. Thus, the sensors in question are publicly shared among the various active client applications.

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IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Bock, P.J. (Przemek J.), Majumdar, S, & Bock, W.J. (Wojtek J.). (2007). Internet-based distributed data acquisition system for fiber-optic sensors. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 56(1), 32–38. doi:10.1109/TIM.2006.887778