The ligand exchange of guanidinate ligands between metal centres can play an important role in guanidinate chemistry, and ligand exchange between aluminium centres will form a dimeric intermediate. The synthesis and characterization of the dimer [Me2NC(NiPr) 2]2Al2Cl4 (1) is reported here: compound 1 crystallizes with a twisted boat conformation of its dimer ring. This compound decomposes to monomers at room temperature over four days, or within 18 hours at 90 °C. We undertook a detailed computational characterization of the reaction pathway, which supported the dimer structure and subsequent monomer formation. The ligand exchange route was also exploited for the synthesis of [MeC(NiPr)2]2AlCl (2), [EtC(N iPr)2]2AlCl (3), [MeC(NiPr) 2]2GaCl (5), and [Me2NC(NiPr) 2]2GaCl (6).
Dalton Transactions
Department of Chemistry

Brazeau, A.L. (Allison L.), Dilabio, G.A. (Gino A.), Kreisel, K.A. (Kevin A.), Monillas, W. (Wesley), Yap, G.P.A. (Glenn P. A.), & Barry, S.T. (2007). Theoretical and experimental investigations of ligand exchange in guanidinate ligand systems for group 13 metals. Dalton Transactions, (30), 3297–3304. doi:10.1039/b706044k