A novel reflector-backed Fresnel zone plate antenna (FZPA) is presented. The reflector is positioned at the aperture of the feed antenna such that the radiation that was reflected back off the metal zones of the FZPA gets reradiated instead of being lost. This structure enhances the directivity of the FZPA by about 1 dB and also improves the sidelobes and aperture efficiency. The other benefit of the structure is that it enables a significant reduction in the volume of the FZPA.

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Keywords Fresnel zone plate antenna, Millimeter-wave antennas, Reflector
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1002/mop.22946
Journal Microwave and Optical Technology Letters
Stout-Grandy, S.M., Petosa, A., Minin, I.V., Minin, O.V., & Wight, J. S. (2007). Novel reflector-backed fresnel zone plate antenna. Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 49(12), 3096–3098. doi:10.1002/mop.22946