There are many technologies that have varying capabilities that could be used to help understand software through visualizations. Determining which technology is best suited for the development and delivery of a particular type of software visualization can be a complex task. We have evaluated the Web3D Consortium's X3D specification - the open standard for web-based 3D graphics - against some taxonomies of the types of graphical representations for software visualization. Our evaluation shows that X3D can support the development and delivery of visualizations that people use to understand the structure and behaviour of software.

Evaluation, Software visualization, Web-based 3D graphics, X3D
SOFTVIS 06: ACM Symposium on Software Visualization
Carleton University

Anslow, C. (Craig), Marshall, S. (Stuart), Noble, J. (James), & Biddle, R. (2006). Evaluating X3D for use in software visualization. Presented at the SOFTVIS 06: ACM Symposium on Software Visualization. doi:10.1145/1148493.1148524