The residual ion damage due to low-energy ion implantation during molecular beam epitaxy growth was investigated by measuring the minority carrier lifetime in the base of a silicon bipolar transistor. The base was doped with As + ions at 200 eV to a concentration of 10 19 cm -3. Three samples were grown at temperatures of 500, 650, and 800°C. The 500°C sample had a minority carrier lifetime in the base ∼1/6 that of the samples grown at the higher temperatures. On annealing at 650°C the lifetimes of all samples were essentially equal. The results indicate that at this dopant concentration the collision cascades caused by ion bombardment do not overlap.
Applied Physics Letters
Department of Electronics

Peters, C.J., Noël, J.P., Xu, D.X., Buchanan, M., Du, J., & Tarr, N.G. (1995). Effect of residual ion damage on the minority carrier lifetime in molecular beam epitaxy grown silicon doped by low-energy ion implantation. Applied Physics Letters, 67. doi:10.1063/1.114964