The extent to which general criminality and sexual deviance are associated with dropout or expulsion from a sex-offender treatment program was examined. Participants were 52 offenders who dropped out of, or were expelled from, their last sex-offender program and a comparison group of 48 program completers. As expected, the general criminality items of the Static-99 were significantly associated with dropout/expulsion but the sexual deviance items were not. Thus, risk for sexual recidivism and risk for dropout/expulsion from sex-offender programs do not appear to be synonymous. Basing estimates of risk for dropout/expulsion on general criminality rather than sexual deviance may be a more effective and efficient strategy for managing sex offenders.

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Criminal Justice and Behavior
Carleton University

Nunes, K, & Cortoni, F. (Franca). (2008). Dropout from sex-offender treatment and dimensions of risk of sexual recidivism. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 35(1), 24–33. doi:10.1177/0093854807309037