Rendezvous with detection differs from the usual rendezvous problem in that two mobile agents not only accomplish rendezvous whenever this is possible, but can also detect the impossibility of rendezvous (e.g., due to symmetrical initial positions of the agents) in which case they are able to halt. We study the problem of rendezvous with and without detection of two anonymous mobile agents in a synchronous ring. The agents have constant memory and each of them possess one or more tokens which may be left at some nodes of the ring and noticed later. We derive sharp bounds for the case of at most two tokens per agent and also explore trade-offs between the number of tokens available to the agents and the time needed to accomplish rendezvous with detection.

School of Computer Science

Czyzowicz, J. (Jurek), Dobrev, S. (Stefan), Kranakis, E, & Krizanc, D. (Danny). (2008). The power of tokens: rendezvous and symmetry detection for two mobile agents in a ring.