This article reviews the involvement of the AAPM in various aspects of radiation dosimetry over its 50 year history, emphasizing the especially important role that external beam dosimetry played in the early formation of the organization. Topics covered include the AAPM's involvement with external beam and x-ray dosimetry protocols, brachytherapy dosimetry, primary standards laboratories, accredited dosimetry chains, and audits for machine calibrations through the Radiological Physics Center.

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Keywords AAPM protocols, AAPM task groups, History, Radiation dosimetry
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Journal Medical Physics
Ibbott, G., Ma, C.-M., Rogers, D.W.O, Seltzer, S.M., & Williamson, J.F. (2008). Anniversary Paper: Fifty years of AAPM involvement in radiation dosimetry. Medical Physics (Vol. 35, pp. 1418–1427). doi:10.1118/1.2868765