We have investigated the impact of photon polarization on the possibility of measuring the magnetic moment of the W boson, at an e collider. Our calculation of the process eW includes the decay of the W and the associated backgrounds. We find that photon polarization may enhance only marginally the detectability of a small deviation from the standard-model value of =1 but could be of interest were there a large nonstandard component. The total cross section with left-handed photons was the most sensitive to of the variables which we investigated.

Physical Review D
Department of Physics

Couture, G. (Gilles), Godfrey, S, & Kalyniak, P. (Pat). (1990). Measuring the anomalous magnetic moment of the W boson in polarized-photon - Electron collisions. Physical Review D, 42(5), 1841–1843. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.42.1841