We study the possibility of making precision measurements of W-boson properties with an e-γ collider. We find that the measurements are comparable in sensitivity to W-pair production measurements to be made at the LEPII e+e- collider. In addition this process will be able to measure the W-photon anomalous magnetic moment, κγ, independently of the W-Z0 anomalous magnetic moment, κZ0 . This process is potentially a goldmine of W-boson physics and we strongly encourage that serious thought be given to the possibility of building such a collider.

Physics Letters B
Department of Physics

Couture, G. (Gilles), Godfrey, S, & Kalyniak, P. (Pat). (1989). Precision measurements of W-boson properties in an e-γ collider. Physics Letters B, 218(3), 361–364. doi:10.1016/0370-2693(89)91597-9